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Welcome to LLL!

English home stay with a difference!
Stay with a qualified English Teacher and family, learn English everyday and go on cultural visits!
Total immersion, learning English in The United Kingdom!

Our Teachers in Great Britain


Some of our students

Welcome to Live Learn Languages!


LIVE  - Our qualified English teachers will make you feel welcome in their home. You will have individual English classes with a native English teacher and family. You will have all your meals with the family and you will make new friends speaking English. You will experience British culture first hand and you will go on interesting cultural visits with your teacher. 


LEARN - Our courses are specifically designed for your individual needs. Depending on whether you want to learn English to travel, for business or simply for pleasure we have a course designed especially for you. If you are interested in living and working in England we have a "Back to work" course which would be perfect for you. If you do individual classes or with a partner, you will get the most out of every moment.


LANGUAGES - We also offer Spanish and Catalan courses. Click on the link above to see our courses in other languages.




Student's corner


What is student's corner?

Everything you need to get ready for your course.

What is an LLL course like?

Our courses are total immersion. This means that you will only speak English and you will speak a lot of English. The course is very intensive and you will have to work hard but in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with a guaranteed result.

What is the best way and the fastest way to learn English?

The best way to learn anything is by practice. In our courses you will speak English with a native teacher. We offer courses where you can speak English 12 hours a day or more.

What is included in the course?

We care about you as if you were part of the family. You will be picked up and dropped off at the airport. You will share all your meals with your qualified English teacher and/or family. You will be accompanied on all the trips out of the house: cultural visits, trips to the cinema, the theatre or pub, or if you simply feel like spending a relaxing day with your new friends, you can. 

Student's experiences



"I wore a red and white hand and a big foam finger, also I had my face painted with the Welsh three feathers."







"We had Sunday lunch with Russell's family. It was lovely!! The food was really good and the people were very funny!"






"At 9:30 we went to Caldecotte lake. We ran around the lake and I finished so tired. We drank a coke in the pub/hotel which is really beautiful and then we went to Andrea's house to have lunch."







"I prepared a pie that Eileen taught me."








"We celebrated the summer solstice at Stonehenge!
We got up at 2:30 a.m to see the sunrise at 4:50 a.m, awesome!!"







"We went to the forest of Dean to “Go Ape” where we climbed trees and swung on ropes, there were many high ropes, crossings, tunnels, bridges and zip wires. It’s very funny because I became a monkey."







"Izzy and Georgia came to dinner with us. It was a fantastic night and all was really really good."






"Gooseberry Jam day!
We picked the gooseberries from the garden. We put them in a pan with water, lemon juice, sugar and elderflower and boiled them. When the jam was ready we poured it into the jam jars.
And now we are designing the labels."