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General English

This course is specific to what you want to do. At the beginning of the course the teacher will plan the course around your individual needs.

Classes normally take place in the morning, leaving time to practice what you have learnt out of class in the afternoon.


Young Learners

We cater for all ages of children and teenagers who will benefit from the total immersion experience of living in the home of a qualified language teacher.
We have many teachers who are highly skilled and experienced in teaching children and they make the classes as dynamic and fun as possible. It is possible that the parent or guardian as well as the child takes English classes, but not together and they would have to share the timetabled hours.

Exam Preparation

First Certificate English Exam – FCE- is our most popular exam course. But we also do other cambridge exam courses: PET (Preliminary English Test); CAE (Certificate of Advanced English); and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English). If you need other exams types we also do exam courses for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and SSAT
You can focus on your weak areas in this course to give you the maximum advantage when you take the exam. Most of our students prefer to focus on speaking and listening with your own personal English teacher.

Back to Work

This course gives you all the tools and knowledge to find a job using your English. You will study Curriculum Vitae writing, job interview techniques, and English company culture and etiquette.
Your teacher can look for contacts for you, help you to search for jobs on the internet and practice everything you need in English to be confident and attractive to future employees.

Business English

Our Business courses will give you the ability to communicate in English in your specialist work area. We design and prepare each course focusing on your individual needs. You can choose to work on any of the following areas of General Business English where you will find the confidence and ability to communicate in any situation:

Equally, if you need a more specialist programme of study, we design and prepare courses precisely for your needs. You will learn specific vocabulary for your job and practice role plays and telephone conversations. This is one of the best and fastest ways to raise your level in the very specialised area of English:

Business students have the option of starting a course whenever you want and to stay for as long as you want. At the beginning of the course your teacher will assess and plan exactly what your needs are for the duration of the course. Another assessment will take place at the end of the course to record your progress.

Included below are some of the companies that our Business teachers have been involved in: