Day 1 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

First we went to Ely the city, it is really a small town.

We visited the Cathedral and then went to the river and looked at all of the boats.

We learned all about the city and the population.

Finally we went to a sweet shop and I bought a lot of sweets.

After this we returned home and had dinner.

Day 2 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we learned all about Drama Terminology (Words in Drama)

All of the important words and their meanings.

Ready for a test on all of the words.

We did some SIGHT-READING, we read from a SCRIPT of ‘West Side Story’.

I read the part of Maria, I really enjoyed it. Arnau was Tony.

We then acted out a scene it is based on the famous ‘Balcony Scene’ in ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

We read the scene, then rehearsed it with some acting techniques.

Then we learned some ‘Tricky Words’ in English Grammar.

We had Hamburgers and Wedges with Corn on the cob for dinner.

Day 3 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we visited the city of Cambridge – for shopping!

We spent most of the morning in an enormous Primark!

Then we went to a £1 shop!

We bought presents for friends.

For lunch we went to McDonalds.

I bought a lot of things, like clothes.

I needed to talk a lot in English to pay for each item.

For dinner we had Moules Frites – Muscles and french fries.

Mark made a big blue jelly with blackberrries in. it was yummy.

Day 4 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we stayed at home and learned conversation techniques and role-play.

We learned and practiced all of the ways to buy clothes and things in a shop.

I was the customer and Arnau was the Shop Keeper.

After this we performed improvisations of a Job Interview.

We took turns being the Manager and the interviewee.

We tried different scenarios and scenes of the right way to be in an interview and the wrong way.

For dinner we had KFC, fried chicken and fries – Southern Style.

Day 5 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we went to Ely.

We visited the Market, then it rained and we had to run into a shop for shelter.

I did not buy anything today, Mark and Lorraine said that we could come in again tomorrow and do some more shopping.

We spent the afternoon playing games and we tied Baily up in covers and gaffer tape.

We had Mexican food for dinner, it was delicious.

Day 6 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we visited Ely again for shopping!

We looked around the market.

I bought a nice top and another long-sleeve sweat top from SELECT.

After that we went to the park and had lots of fun.

After Roast dinner we went to another play park and played 21 and DARES!

Then we made Cotton Candy. So good!!

Day 7 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we had a nice day of relaxing.

We played lots of games with Ellis.

Ellis had his friend Leo over to stay the night.

We watched films. We made Candy Floss again.

The weather was bad, it rained.

We ate pizza for dinner.

We had ice-cream in cornets, with sauces.

Day 8 – Berta’s blog with Mark and Lorraine

Today we practiced our short stories.

The main focus was pronunciation.

Mark tells us that we must pronounce the words in a more anglicized way.

Mark explained the differences between accent, dialect, pronunciation and Queen’s English.

We had a nice day, waiting for Dad to come.

When Dad came it was great.

We ate steaks and Dad talked all night with Mark and Lorraine.