Day 1

My first day of this trip started at the airport when I arrived in London where I met Tim. He took me to his home and on the way we talked about the world cup football. He said he is very patriotic and that he wants England to win the cup. Also we talked about the issue of Catalonia and the referendum. Another point I explained about are the jobs of my parents and what subjects my sister is studying. It was a nice trip but on the way I had car sickness.

When I arrived at the house I met his wife Gill and then tried, for the first time, English tea  which I didn’t like at all. Then I ate a sandwich with ham and Branston pickle that was delicious. After this I had a little bit of free time to relax and in the free time I met Tim’s daughter Maddie and her boyfriend Will.

In the evening I went to have a dinner with the family. There I could see Dad Tim was always joking with his family and I also met his dog. I’m not sure what his name is but Tim said to me that his name is “Hector” but then Maddie tells me that his name is “Chewbacca”. But then they told me that they call him this because he looks like the character in Star Wars. which made me laugh

After the dinner I went to play basket ball with Maddie and Will. There I played a match and Will is good at dribbling the ball. So it was a very difficult match but I enjoyed it

Day 2

When we got up today we had breakfast, I ate some cereal with milk. After the breakfast I did some exercises like finishing my blog of yesterday or correcting the letter that I wrote to Tim.

When we finished we went to the supermarket to buy some food. Then we went to the house of Tim’s friend to see the football match between Panama and England and also to have a barbeque. There I ate one hot dog and a hamburger. In the middle of the match I went to the town with Maddie and Will to visit Winchester and the shops. Finally England won 6-1. After this we returned to Tim’s house and there I slept for 2 hours because I was very tired. Then I had a meal with the family and I ate an omelette with bread that was nice. Tim and his friends were very happy to beat Panama.

Day 3

Today when I got up I had breakfast and I ate milk with my cereal. Also I ate some toast with butter. After this I did 2 hours of class, revised the test I did before I came to England and also we did some exercises of the first certificate exam.

When we finished the lesson we went to Winchester to see a little bit of the city. There we saw the cathedral of Winchester, the statue of the unknown soldier that is in memory of the soldiers that fought in the Great Wars (1914-1918) (1939-1945). Also we visited Winchester college which is one of the most affluent colleges in the country. Then we had lunch at a shop that sells Cornish Pasties that was fantastic. After the lunch I went to the Library so my mum will be happy   . Finally we returned the way that we took to get to Winchester and it was very hot weather. Finally we arrived at home I had some free time because I was too tired.

Day 4

Today it has been an exhausting day, firstly I had breakfast and then I had a lesson. In the lesson we talked about the homophones which are the words that have the same pronunciation but the spelling is different. An example is ( to, too, two).

When we were prepared we went to Portsmouth to visit the Naval Dock Museum, the first attraction that we saw was a big old ship called “HMS Warrior” that was used in 1860 by the Royal Navy. The second attraction was a tour of the harbour in a ferry to see the modern naval ships  like ” Elisabeth” that is a very huge aircraft carrier that cost £3 billion. The third attraction was the “Action Station” that was made to allow people to experience combat. There were a lot of simulators like, how to drive a helicopter, shooting simulators. The last attraction we visited was the “HMS Victoria” or “Her Majesty Ship Victoria” that was the main battleship in Trafalgar. Also it was where Nelson a very important admiral in UK died.

Then we returned to the house where I had a very big sleep because I was very exhausted and then I started to write the Blog.

Day 5

Today after breakfast I learned about similes that are like comparisons that we use to explain something. For example he is “as quiet as a mouse” which means to not make noise. After the lesson we went to the supermarket to buy some ciabatta bread which is used to make toast and a jar of Branston  pickle for my family in Barcelona.

Later when we returned to house Tim made one of his “world famous sandwiches” with bacon, onion, salad, butter, mayonnaise that was delicious. When we finished the sandwich we went to the countryside to walk a little bit with Hector. On the way Hector did a pooh and Tim forgot the pooh bag, so Tim had to throw with his shoe but he failed and he stained in his toe. It was a little bit funny because he jumped around to clean his toe in the grass. We were both laughing.

after this we went to play tennis and Tim taught me because I was a beginner and Tim was a coach many years ago and he is brilliant 🙂 . When we returned to the house we discovered that Germany was out of the world cup and Tim was very happy.

Day 6

Like all days this started with the breakfast an the lessons, today we did only the blog of yesterday because I didn’t have enough time to do it.

After this we went to Winchester and there we visited the military museum. There we visited three museums, the Gurkha museum, the Horse Power and the green jackets museum. The first that we visited was the green jackets museum that was very interesting because we saw all the history like in Napoleonic wars, the Second World War, in the Balkans and present day. The second was the Horse Power that was the museum about all the vehicles that were used by the UK in all the wars and also in times of peace. The last was the Gurkhas museum that talks about the warriors of Nepal that fought in a lots of wars with the British empire, they fought in the Afghanistan war, Second world war and in Kosovo, also Tim said me that now all the people that are born in Nepal but want to study in England have a free education. This is in gratitude for helping them in all the wars.

In the evening we had hot dog while we were watching the World cup England-Belgium match. The final score was 1-0 to Belgium however Tim wasn’t unhappy because England is not knocked-out and they are in the last 16 and they will play against Columbia. If they beat Columbia they will go into the Quarter finals.

Day 7

Today after the breakfast and the lesson I went to the beach. On the way we saw a lot of traffic on the road. In that moment Tim said that If had know this he would change the plan but was too late. Eventually Tim found another route that was faster. On the way we found the New Forest that it is a forest that is protected by the government and there are thousands of wild horses that are free to roam.( see picture)

When we arrived at the town we bought some sandwiches and we went to the ferry that took us to the beach. On the beach the water was very cold, however finally I swam. The beach was on a very small island and on the island there are very small houses that are called “Beach Huts” . You can see in the picture .Tim said that these houses are very expensive because they are in a very exotic place. After being on the beach we went to the bar and we had some pizzas. In my case I ate a normal pizza with tomato and mozzarella and Tim ate a duck pizza. Then we went home and there I relaxed because I was too tired.

Day 8

Today It has been a relaxing day, first we did some lessons. First I did the blog and then we did some exercises of the first certificated exam. After this we went to Winchester to visit the “Hat festival”. This is a festival where all the artist do some tricks and then the people give some voluntary money to the artist normally in their hat.

There was a place to practise some circus tricks like juggling and Tim is a very nice juggler. Also there was a funny man that made jokes at the festival.

I then ate one Bic Mac hamburger from Mac Donald but I had to wait a lot of time because I didn’t know how Mac Donald in England works. After this we return to house and we watch the matches of the world cup. Argentina-France, Portugal-Uruguay. Portugal and Argentina were knock out. I was sad when Argentina was knocked-out however I was happy when Uruguay beat Portugal :-).

Day 9

This was a relaxing day for me. I spent all the days talking and studying English and I was very tired . In the breakfast I had a typical English breakfast with eggs and toast with butter that was delicious. Then  I went to take the dog to walk on the countryside. But Tim was not able to come because he had an injury in his knee.

When I returned home I watched, with Tim, Spain verses Russia in the world cup. The final score was 1-1 which meant that they had to take penalties.Spain was knocked out of the world cup because Russia beat them on the penalties. Tim was very happy and starts to tease me with this. After the Spain-Russia match we also watch the match of Croatia-Denmark which Croatia finally win on the penalties with the final goal by Rakitic a Barcelona player.

This week has been exciting, we went on a lot of excursions and lessons. I didn’t like the weather because it was very warm and I hadn’t expected this because I though that the weather here was much colder than in Spain. I like a lot to when we went to the museums to learn about the history of England. Also I liked a lot  when I went to play basketball with Maddie and Will. Also I enjoyed taking Hector around.