The Journey Begins

18th July 2018:

We arrived at Gatwick after six hours delay.

Then we arrived in  Bradstairs at 6 p.m.

We have dinner with the family , the food was really good.

After we went to the beach to watch the fireworks . And then we ate an Italian ice cream.

19th July 2018:

We did a culture quiz around Broadstairs. Some of the clues were very difficult, but we managed to answer 19/21  .

We had lunch in a traditional fish and chips cafe near the beach, it was yummy!

We went to the supermarket to buy the ingridients for our  super tortilla!

We made the tortilla and it was delicious!

The family were impressed by our cooking skills. Then we had dinner with the family.

Later in the evening we watched “Blackpanther” and ate popcorn.

20th July 2018:

Today we played badminton for the first time in Ramsgate, then we were shopping for ingredients for Chinese food.

Later in the evening we watched jumanji. It was a great film, we recommend it!

21st July 2018:

we had an incredible English breakfast.

Then we went to Canterbury on a cultural visit. We interviewed local people in the museum library, it was  nice.  Next we went shopping. After we went to visit the Norman castle it was so interesting.

22nd July 2018:

We had lunch at Albion hotel, near the beach. Then we went to the beach with the family and some friends. We played a lot of plays in the sea.  Then we had an ice cream in Morellis, the ice cream it was delicious.

Then we had dinner an after we saw the “Justice League”.

23rd July 2018:

We made the packed lunch for a cultural visit. Then we took the train to Dover.

When we arrived we decided to take a taxi to the castle, because it is high on the cliffs.

The castle is massive. We visited the underground hospital, the war time tunnels, the medieval part of the castle and the Saxon tunnels.

People say that the castle is hunted but we didn’t see any ghosts.?

Then  we went  to the train station and  we arrived home at 5.30. Later we had dinner with the family. We watched ‘Ghostbusters’  but  it wasn’t as good as the other films.

24th July 2018

Today we went to the Turner Contemporary in Margate. It is an art gallery. The exhibition was interesting but a little strange. Then we went to the cafe and had an amazing hot chocolate. After this we went home, an we created our own T-shirts.

25th July 2018:

We got up early because we has to catch the train at nine o’clock.

When we arrived at London we had lunch. We ate some sandwiches that we prepared at the morning.

After lunch we went to the tour of the Chealse stadium, it was very interesting.

And then we went shopping at Oxford street. We love this street!!!

26th July 2018

Today we went to Westwood Cross, a shopping centre near Broadstairs. We looked around the shops before going to the 10 screen cinema called Vue. We saw the new Mission Impossible film ‘Fallout’.

The film was great, but too long. The special effects were amazing, and the characters were believable. We would give this movie 3/5 stars

27th July 2018

Leaving Day. We are going back to Spain this evening. We have had a good time in Broadstairs.