Today we went to Kensington, London and we visited the Natural History Museum. I went with Dan and Tiffany.

This are the bones of a blue whale, its very big and large.

Here is where the dinosaurs lay their eggs. It ‘s look like a volcano of sand and with eggs.

This is a T-Rex but is not real but the movements that he did they make it  like real.


I went to hamleys with Dan and Tiffany, we went with car and in the way we saw a Maserati this car:

in the shop one of those who works there taught us two magic tricks with coins and cards that left us all with their mouths open.

I also bought the typical London  bus made of Lego and tiffany bought one thing to do magic by making a disco fly

We saw a lot of things like Queen Elisabeth and her dog made of Lego.



I woke up at 8 am, for breakfast I had a chocolate croissant.

After we relaxed and went on the trampoline. At 11 am I went to the park with Tiffany, Scarlett and Karina we also brought a picnic. Me, Tiffany and Scarlett played a game of survivors in the river.

We come back home and we play in the trampoline with Tiffany, Scarlett and the new Chinese girls and later we had dinner.

After dinner we watch a film and later I went to sleep.



I woke up at 8 am and I had breakfast. After this I went to a lake with Tiffany, Scarlett, Dan and Karina.

At the lake we played on the water, on the sand and me, Scarlett and Tiffany we made a sand castle.

We made a very big and pretty castle

Wen we came back home me and Tiffany we make the dinner, we make potato salad and BBQ chicken.

First, we make potato salad.

And after we make the BBQ chicken

Once we had cooked the chicken, we all sat down and ate together. I really enjoyed the flavour.



I woke up at 8 am and Karina suggested that we make pancakes for breakfast. I thought this was a really good idea. We all helped each other and worked together.

We had different toppings, but my favorite was strawberries and castor sugar.

After we had finished breakfast, we got ready to go to the water park.

I was very excited, because I was looking at the pictures Dan showed me the night before.

The water park had a floating obstacle course. I, Tiffany, Scarlett and Dan all went on the course. The part I enjoyed the most was the slide, that had a black screen at the top. This slide was the largest and the fastest. As I hit the water, my legs went in the air!

The water was very cold, but I was having so much fun, I didn’t care!!

In the afternoon, after we had been to the lake. We went to Dan and Karina’s friend’s house. He had a swimming pool.

At the house, we had some dinner. I had a Beef Burger and a Hot Dog!! I was hungry.

Dan’s friend was Andy, he was friendly.



Today is my last day, I’m a little bit sad because I had a good time, but happy to see my family.

I was playing a game today with Tiffany and Scarlett, we were pretending. Tiffany was the teacher and Scarlett and I, were the students.

For Lunch, Tiffany made us a Pizza!! It was nice.

Then after lunch Karina and Dan said we should hunt for Gherkins in the garden.

I have enjoyed my time in England, with this family and I learnt some more English, which is good…. I will try to keep practicing my English and Dan, Karina, Tiffany and Scarlett have said I should write to them and keep in contact.