Kayaking adventure

In the morning we got up early, we had breakfast cereals, toast with jam and milk. After that we did a class about vowels and consonants.

When we finished the class, we put our swimming costumes on and we went to the Hollingworth lake. There we walked around the lake , as we walked, we ate an ice cream. At 12 pm we put our wet suits on and we did the kayak class. It was really fun and we had a great time.

When the class finished we returned to Drighlington , and there we got dinner in a fantastic restaurant. We ate a delicious roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

And in the afternoon we saw a movie!!

Roundhay park

This morning I got up and we had breakfast, some cereals, milk and bagels. After that we did a class about art , We learnt about new artists with their amazing works.

When we finished the class, we took all the things and we went to pick up one Catherine’s friends( Abda). After we went to Roundhay park gardens and lake. When we arrived there we ate some tuna sandwich’s, they were delicious!.

We walked around the gardens and the lake , it was a very nice walk. We returned to the car and we dropped Abda home.

Atfer that we went to the swimming pool , it was very relaxing after the day .

Finally we returned home and we prepared some delicious “FAJITAS” , and one fantastic apple crumble .

We saw a very funny film ,Pitch Perfect!! It was a perfect day …

Leeds art gallery

Today we got up and after we had breakfast. We ate some cereals, milk and boiled eggs with bagels.

We went to a garden store and after we walked to a farm , there we bought some potatoes and carrots. We returned to the house and we bought three pies for diner . We ate the pie and mushy peas , and it was really good.

When we finished we went to Leeds, there we visited an art gallery , It was very interesting. We saw sculptures and some paintings…. After the visit , we sat and we drank some coffees.

We returned home and we took the swimming pool things and we went to the pool. After that we went home and we ate one cottage pie.

Oakwell Hall & Gardens

This morning I woke up to the beautiful shining yellow sun, and I had a marvellous breakfast of soft crunchy bagel and mouth watering raspberry jam with plenty of healthy milk.

After this we decided to take the new black car to go to the big supermarket to buy ingredients for our planned recipes.

In the afternoon it was raining so we went to explore Oakwell Hall & Gardens. I learnt about the scary ghost and I didn’t like the Elizabethan life style. Oakwell Hall was built in 1583 as a family home for a royalist family used during the English civil war .

Finally we relaxed in the shopping centre , visiting our favourite soap shops. And enjoying a delicious McDonalds meal.

Corn Exchange Leeds

This morning we woke up and we had a fantastic as always breakfast , after this we took our things and we went to the village of Bradford. There we saw lots of different shops . We walked around the awesome Indian stores

We spend a very funny time trying shoes and dresses.

When we finished we went to Rodley by the Leeds to Liverpool canal, a really nice place. There we ate sandwiches.

After this we took the Catherine’s car and we went to Leeds. We visited the beautiful place of Corn Exchange, and also the market. After we spent some time in the Trinity Shopping Centre.

Finally we returned home and we ate a delicious pizza and salad. Fantastic !!

Hebden Bridge

This cloudy and raining morning we woke up and we had breakfast, some crunchy cereals , milk and bagels. We did class and we decided to make a recipe , our choice was a beef stew with sweet potato, carrots and swede , to complete the dish we added some green beans.

We went to the farm and we bought all the things. After we returned home we prepared the lunch and the dinner.

When we finished we took the car and we went to Hebden Bridge. There we ate some egg and mayonnaise sandwiches, we walked around the village and we entered into some nice shops. It was a fantastic walk around the small but cute village.

Finally we returned home and we went to the pool, in which we passed a really relaxing time in the sauna and jacuzzi.

We ate the awesome stew and we watched a very funny film .

Ilkley Moor

We woke up on a cloudy day and we had breakfast, cereals, milk and bagels with jam and butter. After that at home we completed a class on synonyms and antonyms. Very useful for my English.

We made some bagels with tuna and mayonnaise for dinner, when we finished we took the car and we went to Ilkley Moor, there it was raining but the landscape was very beautiful. We went up the mountains to see the fantastic views.

We returned to the car and we went to the village near Ilkley Moor which was a little and cute village , there we walked around the market and the shops.

Finally we returned home and we made one awesome corn beef hash with potatoes and onions, and also we made some traditional Yorkshire pudding .

Chill day

We woke up on a cloudy but beautiful day , after we had breakfast, milk , cereals and eggs.

We decided to go for a morning walk, we went to Ikea walking, it was long but nice, we arrived and we walked around all the sections, baths , beds, wardrobes….And finally we ate a yummy hot dog!!

When we returned home , we picked fresh blackberries and we went to the supermarket to buy custard powder. When we arrived home we made some tuna rolls for lunch, delicious. After we made crumble for our blackberries pie.

We went to the pool, then we swam and we relaxed at the jacuzzi. Fantastic! We returned at home and we ate lasagne and the blackberry pie was awesome!!!

Royal Armouries museum

We woke up and had breakfast, milk ,cereals and toast. After that we had a reading comprehension class.

We took our things and we went first to Kirkstall abbey , but it was closed, so we decided to go to the Royal Armouries Museum, where we spent all the afternoon . We walked around the rooms, seeing, guns, swords…

We ate some cakes and coffee near the river which was really nice. After that we went to the White Rose Shopping centre to buy some food and others things.

We returned to home , and we made spaghettis bolognaise, and followed a recipe to make some delicious cookies with strawberries .

Finally we saw Mama Mia, a fantastic film !!

Last day !!

We woke up and we had breakfast , some delicious cookies , milk and toast… After that we stayed at home doing things.

For dinner we had some tuna sandwiches and tomatoes. After that we had to go to the dentist but unfortunately Catherine’s car would not start so Grace Catherine’s daughter Grace took us in her car to the dentist and we had to take a taxi to the pool.

In the pool, we swam and relaxed in the jacuzzi and sauna.

We returned home and on our final evening we went to a restaurant, and we got dinner, delicious hamburger and nachos !!!

On returning home we went to sleep . It was a fantastic experience to learn and meet new people !!!!