Day 1


When I woke up I dressed and then I go downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast I ate some fruit like strawberries, blueberries… toast, and orange juice. After breakfast I had a class that I learn some popular and traditional things from Wales and then Lois and I go by car with our driver (Lois’ father, Julian) in a big shopping center with a lot of diferents shops for bought some things for Sue’s birthay. We went in a shop with a lot of diferent departments, a body shop, a supermarket, a birthay shop and primark… After shopping, we were very tired and Julian came by car to pick us up. When we arrived at home I had freetime. Then we prepared the party for Sue’s birthday and we stayed talking a lot of time. It was very funny and I liked it a lot!

Day 2


Today I woke up and then I had breakfast and for breakfast I had crumpets with butter and cheese, I never tasted this before and it’s very nice. Then we had a class, for the class first we did a game describing people, then we did a memory game to find clothes what are they wearing (the girls of the pictures), and then we played the game Guess who? After the class we went by car to the Big Pit, it is an old pit, and we used a lift shaft into the ground, it was very exhausting. We had a tour from the area and then we returned in the surface. After that we walked around the area and we enter in some parts of the museum. Then we returned home by bus, we had to take two buses to arrive at home, when we arrived we had some free time and then we watched stranger things. Then we had dinner and now I’m doing the blog. Now I’ll go to the shower and then we’ll have a kind of a hair class, then I’ll go to sleep.


Day 3


Today I woke up at nine o’clock and then we walked to a pub for breakfast. For breakfast we had a small English breakfast, one egg, one sausage, bacon, beans, one tomato and two pieces of toast  (it was very nice breakfast). Then we walked home and I had some free time because then we went by car for one hour to Go ape, in the car we did a class about prepositions. Go ape is in the forest and the treetop challenge is an activity where you go through the trees wearing a harness and past diferents parts. It was difficult but very funny (I liked it a lot). After that we returned home by car but first we ate one banana and some cakes. When we arrived home we were very tired and we had a shower, then I finished my blog and then we had dinner.


Day 4


Today when I woke up I had breakfast, for breakfast I had olive bread with cheese, fruit (strawberries and pineapple), yogurt with honey, “pain au chocolat” and coffee. Then we did a class about furniture and home decoration. After that we went by train to Cardiff. When we arrived we walked around the shopping arcades then we entered Cardiff castle and then we went walking in Bute park for lunch, for lunch we had salad sandwiches, crisps and apples. After lunch we went on a boat along the River Taff to the bay. We walked around the area, we started to feel very tired and we took the bus back into town. Then we looked around the shops and I bought a t-shirt and then we returned to the train station to go home. Then we will have dinner with Julian and we will go to sleep.


Day 5


Today after I woke up I had breakfast and for breakfast I had cereals with milk and a toast with avocado and egg, I liked it a lot. After then I had some free time and then we had a grammar lesson and after that we did some sandwiches for lunch. Then we went by car to Llandegfedd reservoir where Lois’ friends had invited us to a picnic lunch, we walk a little bit until we got to the lake. When we arrived we started to eat lunch on a blanket. After lunch we stayed there for one hour and then Lois and Leo, Ruby and Layla made me a game to find some papers with questions and I try to discovered the things. Then we hid three bubble wands and they tried to find it, it was very funny. After that Julian came by car to pick us up. When we arrived at home we had some free time before dinner. Now I’m here writing the blog.

Day 6


Today I woke up at half past eight and then I had breakfast, for breakfast I had pancakes with bacon and syrup. Then me and all the family went by car to Swansea to watch the Air Show. First we saw the Red Arrows, they are nine plans and they fly in formation in the sky and they do a lot of forms and they throw colored smoke, it is very nice. Then we went by car at Oxwich Bay Beach, first we went walking on the beach and then we went to find some place for lunch. Finally we went to eat fish and chips in a restaurant with very nice views. After that Sue and I went walking on the beach. Then we returned by car at home and Lois tried to sleep when I was doing the blog. Tonight we will have a pizza for dinner and then we will watch a movie. That’s my day for today!

Day 7


Today I woke up and I had breakfast later than the other days. For breakfast we had some fruit, cereals with milk and coffee. After breakfast we had a lesson to learn some food by the game memory and then we went to Newport Transporter Bridge by car, it is a high bridge on you can see the river water under your feet, it’s very beautiful because you can see part of Wales and England but it’s very scary too. Then we took the ferry that brought us to back were Julian waited with his car to bring us home. When we arrived at home we had lunch and then we went by car to the supermarket to buy some barbecue food because Lois invited her friends with their children for a barbecue, then we went by Edward’s car at home and started to cook the barbecue. When Lois’ friends arrived we started to eat the hamburgers, sausages… and then their children went to the water slide in the garden. Now I’m doing the blog and then I will go to sleep.

Day 8


Today after I woke up, we had some bacon sándwiches for breakfast (they were very delicious). Then Julian took us to Newport train station, then we went to buy the tickets. The journey was very long but it past very quickly, went we arrived in Bath we went to buy some coffee in a caffé nero (it was very delicious), then we went to look for tour bus tickets. First we took a Skyline tour so we could get a good view of the city, the city is very nice, and then we had lunch in Victoria park (it is very quied and peacefull). After lunch we walked to The Royal Crescent and then we walked to the Roman Baths and Pump rooms. Then we went on the bus to compleated the city tour. After that we were tired but we went to look around the shpps for one hour. Then we retourned to the train station and I wrote the blog on the train so I think that when we arrive at home we’ll have dinner and then we’ll go to sleep.

Day 9


Today after I woke up I went to breakfast and then Lois and I went walking to the Cwmbran Park to meet Edward and walk with his dogs, Lulu, Teddy and Coco. They are small and very funny, after that Edward took us to Llantarnam arts center, where we saw a lot of ordinary and expensive things, then we went walking in a shopping centre to buy some ingredients to make Welsh Cakes but before that we went to KFC for lunch. When we arrived at home we made the Welsh Cakes, they are very good, and when we finished I had some free time. After that we had a class, in the class we had one listening exercise with Julian and a superlative scavenger hunt in the garden. Then we had dinner and after doing the blog we’ll watch a film or program in a Lois’ room.

Day 10


Today after I woke up I went to breakfast and then we went by car to Tintern, it is where Lois’ family have a holiday home, and after we arrived at their home we went walking from there to visit the area, it is very green and very nice, on the way we saw 7 statues from different legends and a museum on a train ,that was stopped. After the walk we arrived at home very tired and we had lunch. After lunch we did a class of complete phrases and repeated some tongue twisters and then we went walking around grounds of the abbey, it was very nice but it doesn’t have a free Spanish guide and then we returned by car home. It was my day today!

Day 11


Today, after I woke up I went to breakfast and I ate some fruit, yogurt and cereals, then I had a English class of prepositions and directions and after that we played a very funny game with a pineapple: it consists of hiding a pinapple and finding it with eyes closed, then we have lunch some salad, sandwiches, pizza, some chicken and cupcakes for desert. Then we went to a crazy golf in a very prestigious hotel, it was very funny because we don’t know how to play very well and the ball went into the river usually. After, we when to see the hotel swimming pool and spa (it was beautiful), and when we arrived at home we found the family of the Lois’ brother, they are very nice and funny, and finally ,after dinner, I am doing the blog.