7 Days with Rebecca

Day 1:

My first day started when I arrived at Gatwick airport and I met Rebecca. We travelled in her car to Byfleet. When we arrived, I unpacked my things and had some lunch. In the afternoon, we walked with Rebecca’s dog-called Ralph and she showed me the local village. I saw a bakery, an electrical shop, tattoo shop, Chinese take away, Indian restaurant and a small food shop called Co-Op. For dinner, we sat in the garden and we ate chicken fajitas. After this we played cards and I won all the games (it’s a joke! J). Finally, I went to bed because it was a long day and I was tired.

Day 2:

Today I woke up at 8:30am.  I had yogurt and cereal for breakfast (as I do not like milk). I had a shower and got dressed. I had my morning lesson where we discussed our likes, dislikes and got to know each other. For lunch, I had the famous English brunch. I ate sausage, bacon, fried eggs, toast and baked beans (it was delicious). After that, we went to Mercedes-Benz World, where I saw expensive cars, sporting cars, formula 1 cars and the test drive track (I was too young to drive). Later on, I met Luke’s brother Mark and their three dogs and I saw their hot tub (Jacuzzi!). I borrowed a PS4 controller and then I played Fifa 19 with Luke. For dinner, we had steak, chips and salad. Finally, I chilled in the evening with Rebecca and Luke and then I went to bed.


Day 3:

This morning I woke up at eight fifteen and I had the same breakfast (cereal and strawberry yoghurt- yummy!) and a shower. We went to watch Luke’s football team called Byfleet Town (they won seven-two). I met the team and I kicked the football with some of the team. They asked me to play but I was too shy! J. We went home for lunch, I ate a cheese and ham toasted sandwich (I tried my first sausage roll- it was delicious). After this, we went to Woking and we played air hockey in the arcade. We played two games of bowling. I won the first game and Rebecca won the second. We were invited to Luke’s parent’s garden party, where I met Luke’s family and friends. While I was there, I played football with the children. For dinner, we had jacket potato with cheese and baked beans. In the evening, we chilled and watched a film and then went to bed.


Day 4:

I woke up early and chilled on the sofa with my mobile. After this, I ate my breakfast and I was ready for the day. Today we went to Box Hill. It is a very steep hill with trees, grass and a beautiful view. Box Hill is famous for the 2012 London Olympics (it was easy for me to walk up but hard work for RebeccaJ).  We took Ralph the dog with us – he likes to eat the grass! We came down the Hill and had to cross the river with stepping-stones (luckily, we did not fall in). When we arrived to the bottom of the hill, we had a packed lunch where we caught a wasp in a Tupperware tub. As we know, the weather in England is unpredictable and it drizzled so we headed back home. We visited the work place of Luke and I saw amazing cars. (Luke was busy fixing cars). We arrived at home and we watched a film and chilled but I was so tired and I fell sleep on the sofa. For dinner, we had jerk chicken, potatoes and salad. In the evening, I met Rebecca’s parents, we played cards and I won three rounds.


Day 5:

This morning I woke up at half past eight. I made my ‘Eric’s special sandwich’ – It has two pieces of bread, ham, cheese and boiled eggs. (It is my favourite breakfast). Then I had a shower and went food shopping with Rebecca. We went to Tesco, which is bigger than the supermarkets in Spain. My favourite food that I saw was dairy milk chocolate and my least was milk. I found a Spanish Tortilla and explained to Rebecca the ingredients, as she had never had one before. We used the self-service scanner and then we went home before lunch. I had a burger with lettuce, cheese and ketchup and some grapes and yoghurt. In the afternoon, we went to Virginia Water Lake. It is large lake (roughly five miles) and everybody wanted to stroke Ralph. I saw a lot of animals and children on bikes and scooters. I saw a totem pole and ducks. When we arrived home, we played cards in the garden. (I won all the games again!J). For dinner, we had roast chicken with potatoes, stuffing, Yorkshire puddings and gravy- I do not eat vegetables, so I did not have any. In the evening, we visited Luke’s parents and we played UNO and talked.


Day 6:

Today I woke up at eight thirty. Rebecca’s dad came for a cup of tea and I had my breakfast. After this, I had my shower and we went to Winsor. When we arrived at Winsor, I saw the castle that the Queen sometimes lives in. She was not there today though. We walked around the shops (mostly clothes and food) and I bought a present for my parents. (It is a fridge magnet). In addition, we walked along the river Thames, where I saw ducks, Canadian geese and swans (I learnt that the Queen protects swans). We tried to have lunch outside in a park but it started to rain-typical British weatherJ. We headed home, and we watched a thriller film. We predicted what was going to happen and discussed what did happen. For dinner, we had fish in breadcrumbs, potato waffle, calamari and salad. In the evening, we took Ralph for a walk and I chilled ready for my departure tomorrow.