Eduard and David’s visit to Byfleet

Day 1: Arrival in Byfleet

When we arrived at Gatwick’s airport we met Rebecca, and then we went home by car. Once there we unpacked, met Luke and saw some places in the local village. Later, we stopped in the pub to play pool and have a drink. For dinner we had some spicy chicken fajitas, they were delicious!, but sooooooooo spicy ☻. After dinner, we played card games and we ended the night by playing FIFA matches on Luke’s Ps4.


2: Thorpe Park

We got up at 8:30am and had breakfast, which was delicious. We went to Thorpe Park, a huge amusement park. Unfortunately, it was raining but this could not stop us. We first started with some big rollercoasters, such as Swarm, Nemesis and Saw. We also ride on The Walking Dead attraction, which was David’s favourite. We had a packed lunch: Sandwiches, crisps, apple, banana, chocolate bars, etc. By the end of the day, we were so wet that we needed some donuts to recharge our batteries. We came home and we got changed. We had spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread. In the evening, we visited Luke’s parents and watched a football match all together.

Day 3: Guildford town

We woke up at 8:30am as the same as yesterday, and we had breakfast. We got ready for the day and we went to Guildford town. We looked in the clothes shops, and we finally bought something: Edward bought a striped white and black t-shirt, and David, God, some pretzels and shorts. We had fun! For lunch we had some expensive burgers from Five Guys, they were delicious though! After lunch, we went to look for a “cani” chain for Edward, but he did not find the one he liked. Finally, we arrived at home and went for a dog walk with our furry friend Ralph! We climbed trees and swung on a rope swing. For dinner, we had an amazing barbecue with a lot of meat!

Day 4: Mercedes Benz World and bowling in Woking

We woke up at 8:30 as usual, and we had a bacon and fried egg sandwich for breakfast. Then we got ready for an exciting day. Once in the Mercedes Benz World, we saw an amazing McLaren’s sports car in the car park, it was by far the best car we saw in the day. Inside Mercedes Benz World, we saw Hamilton’s F1 car dismantled piece by piece, many expensive Mercedes models, and watched the Mercedes Benz history in the cinema. We sat in a Mercedes and David accidentally pressed all the buttons, including the SOS one, which called the police! Luckily, nothing happenedJ.

In the afternoon, we went bowling in Woking. David won the first game, and Edward the second, he hid his abilities for second game! Then we went dog walking all together and we found a rope swing and we had fun (we tried to do the 720*, and Edward climbed a tree).

Moreover, in the evening Rebecca cooked a curry called a chicken korma with rice, and Nan bread and poppadum’s. At the end of the day we watched a very funny film, it was a very busy day.

Day 5: Kingston town and Rebecca’s parents

As normal, we woke up at 8:30 in the morning and had breakfast. We prepared for an interesting shopping day to Kingston Town. After searching high and low, Edward finally found and bought a shiny silver chain. David was looking for black denim shorts but ended up with a colourful purple, black and white jacket. We accidentally left half of the packed lunch at home, when we returned we ate the rest of the meal.

We were so tired from the day before that we had a nap, we felt refreshed afterwards. We took Ralph for a dog walk so we decided to play some football in the park. For dinner, we had traditional fish and chips with peas and calamari. After that, we met Rebecca’s parents and Reggie, their dog. Parents were so kind but surprisingly big Reggie was scared of little Ralph! We played UNO and watched some funny videos with them.

At the end of the day Edward decided to took some urban photography of the traffic on the motorway. Then we returned home  and went to bed, we were so tired.

Day 6: Car-boot and park

We got up at 8 am, had breakfast and got ready for the day. Once we arrived to the car-boot it started to rain, so sadly we had to leave, but before we left, we got some Pokémon cards! We thought they were a bargain but we did not realise they were rubbish cards. Once at home we played card games and discussed about our lives.

For lunch, we had penne with tomato sauce and cheese. Then we went to a different local park and played football and basketball, a group of local children joined us for playing a football match. They were not very good, but they tried ;). After the match, we went to the local pub to play pool and drink water, very healthy!

We went home and had a delicious bacon sandwich, and we chilled until dinnertime. For dinner we had pizzas and garlic bread, once again Edward said they were spicy! After dinner, we took Ralph for another walk and once again, it rained! However, the rain did not stop us playing football with Luke.

Day 7: Dog walk and Woking

Today we slept a bit more; we woke up at 9:00 and had breakfast. We got ready for a morning dog walk with our friend Ralph. We returned to Horsel Common aka “Rope Park”. After 10 minutes trying to get the rope swing down, we finally got it. We saw many different dogs and as usual, it rained again.

We went home and had toasted sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we went Woking and we had a great time playing chess, draughts and ping-pong. We also returned to the arcade to play air hockey and foosball.

When we returned home, we had a “siesta” and got ready for dinner. The four of us visited a local Italian restaurant called “Prezzo”, David had calamari and pizza margherita, and Edward had some meatballs with tomato sauce and spaghetti carbonara.

After dinner, we went home and went to sleep as we have a busy day tomorrow in London.

 Day 8: London

We got up at 8:30 and had breakfast and showers, today it was going to be an exciting day due to the fact we were going to London. First, we dropped Ralph at Luke’s parents’ house, and then we walked to the train station. A “mamadisimo” man, aka DES-TROY, sold us the tickets for the day and guided us as to the correct platform, and then when train arrived we stepped on board.

Once we got to Waterloo, we walked to the hidden Leake Street, which is located under the railway. It is a passageway full of colourful graffiti. Edward, our professional photographer, tried to take some pics, but the light was not enough. Next, we went to Soho and Oxford Street, for shopping. We entered many expensive “boutiques” but finally we found the right one for Edward, it’s called Palace SB, and it’s a bit overpriced.  Edward bought a t-shirt and David bought three t-shirts, we also bought souvenirs.

We had packed lunch in a busy but peaceful park. The third destination was King’s Cross Tunnel, perfect for urban photography; we spent 30 minutes just trying to take the perfect pic, as we know London is so busy so there were people getting in the way. After we went to City Hall, but sadly the top floor (the one we wanted), was closed to the public. Our last stop was a tunnel at Bank’s stop, near to Waterloo, we had the same problem as in King’s Cross, the people.

We were so tired that we had to return home, once there we had dinner and relaxed, what a full on day! We will sleep well tonight!

Day 9:

We woke up at 8:30 and had a peaceful breakfast. Then we prepared for the day, we were going to the canal. We took some bread in order to feed the animals near there. We saw swans, Canadian geese and ducks. The animals were following us constantly, that was because of the bread we had, it was a very funny situation.

We then walked along the canal and met lots of people and dogs; it’s interesting how British people talk to each other although being strangers. We went home and had a bacon sandwich, which was delicious again. Later on, we took Ralph for a walk around the local park; as usual we took the ball and played football. When we returned home, Edward had a “siesta” while David was just relaxing.

In the evening we went to Luke parents’ house and had a tasty barbecue, we ate burgers, sausages, pork and grilled cheese. We also had some vegetables, as Luke’s mum is vegetarian. For dessert, we had a white chocolate cake (this is the only chocolate Edward would eat). Once our food went down, we went in the hot tub and relaxed our muscles and when we got out, it was extremely cold. We returned home for our final night in Rebecca and Luke’s house.