Thursday 8th of August 2019

Yesterday I woke up at 4 am and we got to the airport around 4.30, to do the check in, I was very sleepy. We had to wait a few minutes to get the tickets and then finally I said goodbye to my parents and went through security. At 7.10 my plane took off and I arrived to Heathrow Airport an hour and a half later. Once I had my suitcase I saw a tall man with a tall girl holding a sign with my name on. We arrived in Winchester an hour and a half later and we had some bacon sandwiches, I also met Hector, the dog and I played a Swedish game called “Kubb” in the garden with Maddie and Tim. It’s a game that Polly’s boyfriend got for Tim’s birthday last week. Polly is the second eldest sister of Tim’s four daughters.

Later we took Hector for a walk and then we went to the supermarket to buy dinner. For dinner we had Pizza and I met Chloe who is Tim’s third eldest daughter who is training to be a Veterinary Nurse. Then I met Gill, the mother of Maddie and the step mother of Chloe, Natasha and Polly.

Friday 9th of August 2019

Today I woke up at 8 am and had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I read the instructions of WordPress and we set up the blog of yesterday. I also listened to a podcast about a book, to do some listening and we talked about the book and I learned several new words.

For lunch we had cheese sandwiches and then we drove the car and visited Winchester with Tim, Maddie and Hector. We walked next to a park and then we saw the cathedral, that was built by William The Conqueror in 1079, but was not finished for another 500 years. I saw the statue of William Walker, who was a diver who dived under the cathedral to put bricks and prevent the cathedral from sinking. It was very dangerous and he did it everyday for 4 years, so I think it was very brave. We also saw Winchester College, a very famous private school, and the house were Jane Austen used to live. She died at the age of 41 and she is buried inside the cathedral. She was famous for writing “Sense and Sensibility”.

We stopped at a café, while it was raining, I had a mango smoothie, Maddie had another smoothie and Tim had a tea with a piece of cake. Later we returned to the car because it was raining.

For dinner we had some sausages and then after dinner we played cards.


Saturday 10th of August 2019

Today after breakfast, I finished yesterday’s blog and I kept listening to the book podcast of the day before, then at 11am Marta called. We talked about the weather, Marta said that in Spain it’s very hot and sunny, we also talked about next Monday that we are going to London.

For lunch we had bacon with egg sandwiches, they were delicious! After lunch we played “Kubb”, but in the middle of the game it started raining so we had to stop. Later I went with Tim, Gill and Hector to the St Catherine Hill in Winchester. We walked for a few minutes and then Gill decided to run the steps. She did it almost to the top! Once we were up it was very windy and there were a few people sitting on the grass. Tim was not happy because Southampton FC lost the first match of the season against Burnley (3-0). We walked around the mountain and I took a lot of photos of Winchester, you could see the Cathedral and the prison. Then we went down and returned home.

For dinner we had chicken with potatoes and salad, we had dinner with a friend of the family, a woman called Nancy. She explained to us all about her family and that she had become  a grandmother for the second time. After dinner we decided to watch a film called “The Dark Tower” starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, it was really good! While watching the film I ate a Magnum ice cream.


Monday, 12th of August 2019

Today Tim, Maddie and I woke up early and took the train from Winchester to London. Once we arrived we went to pick the bikes and we rode for 10 minutes before we went to have lunch, we ate burgers with some chips. After lunch, even though it was raining, we took the bikes again and we went to “The Shard”, we took the lift and went straight to the toilet because the restaurant was very expensive and the toilets had an amazing view of an extensive part of London, including St Paul’s Cathedral!

Then we took the bikes again and we rode to “Tower Bridge” and “Tower of London”, where traitors were sent to prison by the Queen or King, after they had been found guilty of treason. Once you were inside you rarely came out alive!

After seeing this, we decided to go to see the “London Eye”, known as “The Millennium Wheel” because it was built in the year 2000 to celebrate the end of 1000 years. We also saw the “Palace of Westminster” known as “The Houses of Parliament” where Politicians debate laws and key issues. After that we took the tube and we went to “Oxford Street”, to see some shops, we went into Top Shop, Nike and to H&M, where Maddie bought a skirt. We stopped at a Costa Café and I drank a Chocolate Frappuccino. Then we took the tube again and we went to “Hyde Park” to see the “Buckingham Palace”, we saw the flag which means that the Queen is in the Palace! After seeing the Palace we took the bikes and we went to “Trafalgar Square”, where Tim took some photos to Maddie and I standing next to the famous lions.

At 7 pm we went to “China Town” and we went to a Chinese buffet where we had amazing food. We crossed a bridge on our way back to Waterloo, and we saw amazing views of “The Shard” and a building called the “Walkie Talkie” because it looks like a walkie talkie.

We took the Train at 9 pm and went we arrived home, we were feeling very tired. I really liked the bikes, even though I ended up very tired. My favourite thing was going up to the “Shard” because you could see a lot of London.


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

Today we woke up late because we were very tired from yesterday, we had breakfast and we started the lessons. We did yesterday’s blog, which it was very long as it was about London, then I showed Tim where I live by Google Maps, and we talked about Barcelona and my home town.

After the lessons we had a lovely cheese sandwiches and we played “Kubb”, Tim and I against Maddie, she beat us twice!

Later we had dinner, we had ravioli with some salad and finally we decided to play “Monopoly” the London Edition. I didn’t realise there were some streets where we visited yesterday in London, like Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square. Maddie also beat us at Monopoly which made us very unhappy in a fun way.

Wednesday, 14th of August 2019

Today we completed yesterday’s blog and we continued listening to the book podcast, we also reviewed some of the idioms we did a few days ago, for example: “Cut me some slack”, which means be more patient, or “Pull someone’s leg”, which means having fun at someone’s expense, or “Don’t beat around the bush” which means get to the point.

For lunch we went to Winchester, because Maddie had a job interview. I had and “All day breakfast”, with eggs, mushrooms, toast, bacon and sausages. It was very big so I couldn’t finish it!

Later, when we had finished lunch, we took the train to Southampton. It was raining as always! We went to a shopping centre, Maddie and I when to H&M, where we both bought some clothes. Then we went to meet with Tim, who was waiting for us in the Café. After meeting Tim we went to Primark, Maddie was looking for a pair of black trousers while I was looking at some T-shirts, Maddie ended up buying a pair of trousers and I ended up buying two tops.

Later we returned to Winchester, for dinner we had “Fajitas”, which is fried chicken breast with red pepper and onions, then you placed on the flour tortilla, then you placed the sour cream, tomato salsa and guacamole. They were delicious!

Thursday, 15th of August 2019

Today I woke up and we did yesterday’s blog and we also kept listening to the book podcast with many new words and grammar. I was made to use the new words in many sentences.

Around 12 pm we went to Winchester with Maddie, because she had a work interview. After that we went to the “New Forest”, a huge forest where William The Conqueror used to hunt deer because they ate a lot of venison. We parked and we had lunch in a English Pub, called the “Waterloo Arms”. Every pub is named after a war or some historical event or person, like the Battle of Waterloo  where the Duke of Wellington beat the French in 1815. All the pubs have a big sign so when people where travelling in stage coaches they knew it was a Coach House. We sat on a table in the garden, because it was sunny! Maddie and I had a chicken sandwich with salad, while Tim had sardines with salad.

Friday, 16th of August 2019

Today I woke up and had breakfast, then we did the lesson, we completed and reviewed yesterday’s blog, we learned some grammar and we continued listening to the book podcast.

For lunch we had Tim’s famous bacon sandwiches. Later we went to the The Butcher shop, which is in front of the house, to buy some chicken for dinner, we also bought a newspaper. It was an opportunity for me to speak English to the butcher. Then we returned to the house because it was raining and we decided to play Monopoly.  Maddie beat us for the second time this week! It was a long game because none of us had a set and we had to negotiate with each other, which was very difficult and tense.

For dinner we had chicken with potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and red pepper. It was delicious! We talked about how excited we were for tomorrow’s match.

Later we watched “Now you see me”, a film about 4 magicians that rob banks and the FBI has to catch them. At first it was confusing, but I really enjoyed the film at the end.

Saturday, 17th of August 2019

Today I woke up very excited, we were going to see Southampton FC against Liverpool FC! Both teams are in the Premiership League, however Liverpool FC was second in the League last season but Southampton FC was at the bottom, they were nearly relegated. So we were expecting Liverpool FC to win. Before we left we completed yesterday’s blog, we also reviewed the blog of the day before and we listened to some interesting videos in YouTube about the past, present continuous, superlatives and comparatives

We left at 1 pm and we drove to the station, we bought some sandwiches and water and we caught the train to Southampton. When we arrived I saw a lot of people wearing white and red T-shirts and scarfs, I was wearing a Southampton FC scarf!

We walked 15 minutes to the stadium, it was very crowded and very noisy! We entered and I sat next to Maddie in the seats they have for the whole season, while Tim sat a few seats behind us. Liverpool fans were singing all the time! The first team to score was Liverpool almost at half-time, the scorer used to be a player at Southampton FC before leaving for Liverpool FC. It was amazing to see everyone singing and shouting. Liverpool scored again in the minute 71′, but when it were only a few minutes left The Saints scored.

Even though Liverpool beat Southampton FC, I was really happy, it had been a very exciting match. We returned home and for dinner we had fish and chips.

After dinner we decided to watch “Now you see me 2”, I really enjoyed this film!

Sunday, 18th of August 2019

Today I woke up and I had breakfast. We completed yesterday’s blog and we watched some videos on YouTube about new vocabulary.

For lunch I had a fried egg on toast, once I had finished eating Tim, Maddie and I played “Go Fish” a game of cards where you  start with 7 cards and you have to put packs of 4 cards of the same number together by asking the other players. If the player you asked doesn’t have the number you asked for, the player has to say “Go Fish”. When a player finishes all their cards, you have to count how many tricks each player has, the player that has more sets wins.

Later we went to fly the kites, that we bought in a shop at New Forest. We bought a big one and a small one. Even though it was windy, and we tried, we couldn’t make the big one fly, we had more luck with the small one.


Monday, 19th of August 2019

Today I woke up and completed yesterday’s blog. We also continued watching a YouTube video about vocabulary. For lunch we had Tim’s bacon sandwiches.

Once we had finished eating we went to Portsmouth, we saw the “Emirates Spinnaker Tower”, an observation tower of 170 m, opened on 18th of October 2005. We went up 105 m and we saw that a part of the floor was made of glass, so you could stand right there and watch an amazing view.

Then we went up another level where you could see all Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, it was a beautiful view! Later Maddie and I went to see some shops and then we went with Tim to a Café, where we had some chips.

Tuesday, 20th of August 2019

Today I woke up and completed yesterday’s blog, I also watched a video about transition words, like “however”, “in addition”, “indeed”…

For lunch we had cheese sandwiches and then we drove to Winchester, where Tim had his car repaired. While the mechanic was repairing the car, Tim, Maddie and I went to the Winchester Westgate, one of the two surviving gateways in Winchester. We also went to the Westgate museum, where I tried on the armour of Oliver Cromwell’s Army, they were called “RoundHeads” because of the shape of their helmets.