-Hello! I’m Carla and I’m getting prepared to travel to Gatwick. It’s not the first time I’m going away but I still feel nervous. This summer I’m going to be with a host family and it’s a new experience that I haven’t done before.


-When I arrived, I got lost because the airport was too big but finally I found passport control. Then, I met my teacher Rebecca and her daughter, Jess. -Once I was with them I felt so happy and so calm.


-First of all, we arrived at Rebecca’s house and I unpacked my bag. When I finished we had lunch and it was delicious!!! -Then we went to collect Finley from his school and we went to the beach. -Next Jess, Fin and I played football and we jumped on the trampoline and when we had finished they had dinner, and both went to sleep.


-Good morning!!! Today I got up at 8am and I went to Fin’s school with all of them, after we went to Jess’s playschool. -After that, Rebecca and I visited Harbour Park and Littlehampton. There, we saw the river, some shops where I bought souvenirs and finally the town. -At lunch time, I ate fish and chips for the first time and it was delicious!!! -We popped to the sports centre and Rebecca booked me into a football activity, we also popped to the doctors and finally we went to the supermarket and we bought food. -We had dinner in a Spanish restaurant with Ben’s family and it was so funny.


-Today I went to Mewsbrook Park with Rebecca and Jess and we fed ducks, it was funny. -Then we went shopping where I bought sweets with them. After that Fin and Jess played in the paddling pool and then they had dinner. -Tonight, I’m going to play football and different sports with other teenagers like me, I’m feeling ok but a little tired.


-Today we went to Chichester and we visited the Cathedral, it was amazing!!!. After that we went shopping and I bought souvenirs for my family. -At lunch time we went to an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious. -We visited a museum. -We went to Air Arena and I enjoy it a lot. -We spent the rest of the day chilling at home and at night we watched a film.


-Today when I woke up it was raining, and it was cold. -We had an English breakfast and I enjoyed it a lot. It was delicious, and I never ate eggs and sausages for breakfast. -We couldn’t play football/golf because of the weather so finally we relaxed at home. -At night, we watched Stranger Things.


-Today Finley was ill, and he came with Rebecca, Jessica and me to Arundel. We visited the city where I was doing a questionnaire, I enjoyed it a lot because I understood English people perfectly without problems. -After that we went to the supermarket and we had lunch. -In the afternoon we played football-golf and I had so much fun. -We finally prepared a Spanish typical dish and it was delicious!!! -We ended the day watching Stranger things.


-Today Rebecca and I went to Worthing and we visited the town. I bought souvenirs for my family and then we had lunch in Mcdonalds. -Then I ate my first cream tea and I also drunk my first cuppa tea, but I didn’t like it. -In the afternoon we rode bikes all together and I enjoyed it a lot. -Finally, we watched Stranger Things.


-Today we went to Hotham Park. -In the afternoon we went bowling with Rebecca and Ben because the children were sleeping. -I enjoyed the day so much!!!


-Today we went to pick your own farm and we picked some fruit. -We made a fruit pie and after that we went to Fin’s school. -In the afternoon I cooked a fruit pie.

Day 10

-Today is the last day and I have to pack my suitcase, I’ll miss them a lot.