Today we woke up early at 7 a.m and we went to the airport to travel to England to stay with our host family Graham and Maddy in a small village called Acton Trussell which is in the Midlands. We both live in Barcelona and are both going together on the English Course although until now we do not know each other.  We went to catch our flight and after 2 hours travelling we arrived at Birmingham airport but when we went  to pick up our luggage  we had a problem because we are under 18 and we didn’t have the correct paperwork to allow us to travel alone. Graham our host teacher explained the situation to the airport security and it was soon resolved. It was an adventure! We arrived in Acton Trussell after about 40 minutes and Graham showed us around the house and our rooms and we ate lunch, home made chicken soup.  After that we went for a walk around the village which is running a scarecrow competition. We were given a map and directions  and we had to find them following the directions and then choose our favourite so that we could vote for 1st, 2nd and third place. There were 54 scarecrows to find and Graham and Maddy had also made one in their garden, a man in a hole. On the walk we also saw a traditional red phone box. Graham explained that there are not many of these now as people have their own mobile phones so they are not used much. Later we had the first class. In this class we practised verbs and questions and answers.

Finally we relaxed on the sofa before going to bed.


Today, we woke up around 8:30am and then we had breakfast, after that we had our morning class,  we practised: verbs, questions amd answers, interrogative questions, also we had an exercise sheet of questions and we had to give answers about families. After that we went to Lichfield, there we went to the house of Samuel Johnson the man that made the “first dictionary”, we wrote with a feather pen and ink.
Then we went to the cathedral but we couldn’t enter by the main entrance because someone had collapsed and we had to enter by the side entrance. In the cathedral we saw pictures and drawings of the city. Then we went to Erasmus Darwin house ( the grandfather of Charles Darwin). After that we bought some english chips and with the remaining chips we fed the ducks on a lake in the City.  Then we went to a park and we saw a statue of the captain of the Titanic who was born in Lichfield . After that we ate some ice creams and then we returned home. In the evening  we went to the ten pin bowling and we play two times, Arnau won the first game and Pablo won the second one. We ate dinner there then we returned home and we went to bed very tired.


Today we got up very early, at 7:00am as we were going to Liverpool. We had breakfast cereals and Graham packed a picnic for lunch. After breakfast we drove to Liverpool it took about 2 hours. When we arrived we went to the Liverpool Football ground and into the shop and Pablo brought a sweater, Graham a book and Arnau a t-shirt. Later we went to do the tour around the stadium and we visited the football field, the footballers changing rooms and the press conference room. Then we drove to the centre of Liverpool and had a picnic lunch in the centre. After we caught the ferry across the Mersey and we saw the views around the city. We then caught the bus tour around the City , saw lots of interesting buildings including the famous Liver Building with the big Liver birds on the top  and lot of sites of the Beatles who are famous for their music. Then we went to a shop called JD Sports and Arnau bought two t-shirts and Pablo a brought shoes. Later we went to see the Cavern Club, it was getting late so we drove home and had pizza for dinner. Graham showed us his juke box which is an American juke box and we played the Liverpool record on it “You Will Never Walk Alone”

Day 4

Today we got up at 8:00am.  At 8:30 we had breakfast then we started the first class, in this class we reviewed what we did in Liverpool yesterday, later we practiced questions and answers about family and we also practiced interrogative questions and answers.After that we had a short break and then we had a video call from Marta and we talked about how the week is going and also how we are.

We continued our English lesson with exercises on phrasal verbs. Some of the phrasal verbs we did were:

-Take back: to return something

-Took out: to choose (library book)

-Run into: to meet accidentally

-Called in: (the fire brigade were) notified

We enjoyed our English lesson and when we had finished we went to Stafford Castle. It is a very old castle about 500 years old and we looked at some of the clothes they wore.When we returned home we had lunch, pork and vegetables. Then we relaxed and we also played a card game related to asking questions about us all.Then we went to football training with a team called Stafford Town Football Club.

For our meal we had Staffordshire oatcakes with bacon, eggs and baked beans they were delicious.

We had a fantastic day.


Arnau and Pablo’s Adventures with their host family in England


Today we woke up at 8.00 am and we ate cereals and then toast, crumpets and jams for breakfast. It was raining very heavy today.

Graham told us that Manchester is known for being a rainy City as well as having the worst football team Manchester United! Graham supports Liverpool Football Club and these teams are rivals. We are going to the National Football Museum today and it will take us about 1 hour by car to get there. The museum is based in a building called the Urbis building in Manchester City Centre and it has displays of important collections of football memorabilia. It is the world’s biggest and best football museum. There were lots of interactive games to play and before we left we played penalty shootouts. On the way home the motorway was closed as there was an accident and so we travelled much longer and arrived home later in the afternoon. Later we had our English lesson and we learnt about tenses, present continuous and interrogatives and also studied conversation sheets on families. Yesterday we enjoyed football training with the local team and Graham has arranged that we can go again early tomorrow morning before go to Cannock Chase.

We enjoyed our day!



Today is Saturday and it’s the weekend. We woke up at 7:30am and we had breakfast. It’s an early start for the weekend but we have lots of activities planned for today so we could not lie in bed relaxing.

Because we enjoyed our football training on Thursday the manager invited us to play there again so we were able to go back there again today, we were looking forward to it. When we arrived at the football training we warmed up, we did shots, we did running and finally we played a training match, then Tony the organiser of the club presented us with a medal as a keepsake for training with them and as a memory of our time with Stafford Town FC. The manager said that he would be willing to sign us both for his team.

After that we returned home where we relaxed for 1 hour and then we drove to Cannock Chase to go horse riding, we did a long route around the forest and the beautiful countryside and learnt how to trot. After that we stopped at a supermarket and we bought our lunch.

After lunch we drove back to Cannock Chase woods and we learnt how to control a Segway, after the training the guide took us on a trail through the woods. We really enjoyed our segway experience on Cannock Chase. It was really exciting.


Arnau and Pablo’s Adventures with their host family in England


Today we woke up at 8:30am We had breakfast at 9:00am. After having breakfast we stayed one hour at home, then we drove to Shrewsbury and we went to the football stadium and we met Graham’s son Gregg who works with the Shrewsbury football team as their First Team Sports Therapist. He took us for a tour of the stadium, we saw the player’s changing rooms and the ground. Then we went to the town centre and we visited Charles Darwin’s house, he is known for his contributions to the science of evolution and we also saw some old black and white Tudor buildings in the town, the castle and saw the Charles Darwin’s statue. Then we went near the stadium and we had a picnic there before going to see the match. We saw Shrewsbury Town against Aston Vila. Aston Villa won 1-0. After that we drove home and we relaxed and had home made soup.

It has been a maravellous day.