Day 1

Today was a hard day as I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning to travel to the airport. After I had done all the things that I needed to board the airplane: (check my bag, pass the security controls, find my gate…). For me it wasn’t too difficult because I kept my nerves under control.  Also, I had a problem as the flight was delayed by 35mins. When I arrived in Birmingham, I followed all the people that flew with me to collect my bag. After I had collected my bag I needed to show my documentation to explain why I was in England. Three minutes later, once I had collected my bag and with help from the signs that there were in each area,  I finally found Graham my teacher at the arrival gate then we went to his amazing house in south Staffordshire.

The drive was very interesting as we spoke in English and Graham corrected me when I made a mistake and he told me all about the different areas we drove through.

In the house, I enjoyed so much because Graham and his wife are very funny people. They helped me each moment that I needed it. Later I had the opportunity to help them and then met their grandson his name is Louis. I helped prepare the food for the evening meal we made Tuna Pasta Bake with cheese, it was delicious.

I’m very happy how this amazing experience has started. I guess that tomorrow will be another fantastic day!

Or maybe better, who knows?

Day 2

Today I did a lot of incredible things. The first thing that I did this morning is eat my first England breakfast. I have to say that in this country the food is very good, they have delicious dishes. We ate crumpets with jams.

After breakfast I had my first English lesson.  We did: Verbs, a question and answer session and we reviewed the level test. I enjoyed it very much because I improved some of my mistakes, and I learned new things.

After I went with Graham to the supermarket to buy food for tonight and products as well. For example ( fruits, meats, desserts…). When we finished, we went to Penkridge to drink something. I drank an orange Tango and my new friend Graham drank a normal tea. At the same time I practiced with Graham English money, I learned each value of the coins and notes and I ordered  the drinks and when we had finished I asked for the bill and paid it.

We came home for lunch, then we went to the Stafford High House. It is a very old house with a lot of history dating back to the sixteenth century and also has a museum inside. I liked it so much because I saw a lot of interesting things about the family that lived there years ago. For example each part of the house and the function that each room had, and so many old objects. For these reasons I took photos of this amazing historic place.

Finally I went to Stafford park. When I was there I saw beautiful things for example the swans and the big park that my little new friend Louis enjoyed a lot as there was a sand pit and water splash area. Also I ate a spectacular ice cream it was delicious! Later it started to rain a little and for this reason we needed to go home. The weather soon became sunny again and after our evening meal we lit a fire outside and sat and ate our dessert outside. Later we played the Talking Card game. I won and Louis decided how many points we each got according to our answers. It was fun but I was tired so I went to bed early to prepare for my trip to Liverpool tomorrow.

Day 3

Today I woke up very early at 7.00am and we took the car to Liverpool. We had breakfast when we arrived in Liverpool. I ate pancakes with blueberries and butter in a café. After breakfast we went to the Beatles museum and we walked to the shopping street of the city. When we were at the museum we saw a lot of history about this famous group, examples, instruments that they played, videos and memorabilia. After that we went to the Cavern Club which is a famous place as  the Beatles first played here when they were a new band. Inside the Cavern Club we saw a bar and the stage that they played on and more of the instruments that the Beatles used. When we finished we went to the ferry boat and crossed the River Mersey and I heard about how Liverpool became wealthy in the 19th Century because of the slave trade. It was used as a port to bring slaves in from Africa and slaves were then shipped to The Americas. After we caught the Tour Bus and we sat on the open top part of the bus. The bus had an information system that told me interesting facts about the City along the route, for example a cathedral, galleries and famous areas like the Chinese part of the city, we then took another bus to go back to the car. We then walked around the Albert Dock and saw some typical ships. Finally we went to the Maritime museum, there were various sections of the boat displayed and we were able to walk around them and there was a lots of  information displayed so that we could learn about boats from the past. It was a tiring day but very enjoyable.

Day 4

Today I was able to wake up late at 8.30am. We had our breakfast and then I had my English lesson with Graham.  Today’s learning was about phrasal verbs and reading. I had to read and then identify the phrasal verbs and discuss their meanings and the situations that I would use them. After my lesson we went for ?a long walk in Acton Trussell which is the village where I am staying. We walked along the canal and saw lots of interesting wildlife including dragonflies and ducks. There was a dog walking without his owner and Graham explained that it was against the law in England to allow your dog to go out alone. The dog had a tag around his neck and Graham telephoned the owner to advise him where the dog was. There were narrow boats on the canal and some people live on them and others just holiday on them. After we went to the Moathouse  and inside I helped Graham to order us drinks which we took outside and sat down near the lake. We fed the ducks and sat in the sunshine. We returned home and I ate  a delicious sandwich of advacado , walnuts and sun dried tomatoes and then I had my second English lesson where we did some work on conditionals and interrogatives. It was a demanding lesson but very rewarding.  Later in the day I helped Graham bake flapjacks, measuring and weighing the ingredients, I can’t wait to try them later! Later we watched a film before going to bed.

Day 5

Today was one of my cultural visit days so no formal lessons but conversation all day. We went to the city of Lichfield which was about a 40 minute drive away. We drove through some beautiful countryside on the way. When we arrived in Lichfield we went to the cathedral. There was a display about the first landing on the moon they were celebrating that this happened 50 years ago. Graham and Maddy explained that Apollo 11 astronauts  Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first people to go to the moon.The first words that Neil Armstrong said when he stepped onto the moon was “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. To celebrate this, a specially created floor called ‘One Small Step’ by Artist Peter Walker has been made in the cathedral. After we went to see Eramus Darwin’s house , the home of the English poet, doctor and inventor  and the grandfather of Charles Darwin who was famous for his evolution writings. We then had cake and tea. I had a huge slice of chocolate cake it was delicious. We then walked to Dr Samuel Johnson’s museum, best known for his dictionary of the English Language. I wrote with a feather pen called a quill. After we looked around the market and then walked  back to Tom and Emma’s house for a picnic lunch as it started to rain. On the way we saw a speakers corner area and Graham explained this is an area where open-air public speaking and debates are allowed, the most famous one being in Hyde Park, London. When the rain had stopped we went to Beacon Park. The park has beautiful gardens and flowers and we visited the statue of Commander Edward Smith, who was the captain of The Titanic a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after the ship struck an ice burg during the journey from Southampton to New York, more than 1500 people died.  In the evening we watched football together and had a traditional English fish, chips and mushy peas supper, it tasted really good and I enjoyed trying the peas and vinegar.

Day 6

Today I woke up at 8.30am. I ate my breakfast then I got dressed  as we were going to Birmingham today. We travelled 1 hr on the M6 to Birmingham city centre. When we arrived we went to The ThinkTank which is a science museum. We saw a lot of interesting things including extinct animals and those animals that had been cleaned, preserved and their skins filled with special material to make them look as if they were still alive. Maddy explained this is taxidermy. We also saw a section that explained about medicine. Another section was about old transport machines and we saw an old war aeroplane called the Spitfire and a steam train. Later we went to Cadbury World, Cadbury is one of the most popular chocolates in the UK . We did a lot of things here like 4D cinema. I enjoyed the technology as they had seats that moved and things jumped out at you when you wore the special glasses. We listened about the history and the steps you have to go through to produce the chocolate. They gave us a little taste ( sample) of chocolate and I had jelly babies with mine. We went on a car that took us into a magic world it was similar to Disney. We travelled home and arrived back at 5.30pm and had ravioli with garlic bread and cherry pie with custard, I loved it. I hope that tomorrow will be another sweet day!

Day 7

This morning I woke up at 8:30am. Today we are going on a bicycle ride so I need lots of energy so I ate a good breakfast.  When I finished breakfast I put on my sport clothing to be ready for my bike ride. Before we went cycling I had my English lesson and continued practicing the exercises. At 10.00am we took the car to go mountain biking in the forest. When we arrived Graham brought us both bicycles with helmets to be safe. After, we started riding our bicycles the weather was not really good because it began to rain, and for that reason we needed to hide under a tree that we found on the way. When the rain stopped, we continued moving. I saw a beautiful and big forest on both sides, it was amazing. Sometimes I was wet because I went through the puddles. Sometimes I found it difficult to control my bicycle because I didn’t know a lot about the bicycle system and how to use the gears. Graham also did some videos and photos so that I could remember the experience. We got some food when we stopped to relax. Almost when we had completed the ride I had an accident and fell off my bike and hurt my hands but they were just grazed. When we finally finished, we took the car back to the house. When we arrived home I had a shower and after I ate my lunch, then I went to my room to sleep because I was very tired. When I woke up, I did my afternoon lesson with Graham , we repeated the exercises that we had done in the morning as revision . Finally I went to my room again to relax because today was a good and a very hard day. Later we had dinner, we had Mediterranean vegetables and chicken, it was delicious.

Day 8

Today I woke up at 8.30am. We had our breakfast and then I got dressed and then had my English lesson. The lesson was about continuing the story and to learn about contractions. I found the lesson interesting and hard but enjoyable. After we went by car to the Cheddleton railway but this was a mistake as we intended to go to the  Churnet Valley railway in Froghall. We took another route and arrived safely at 1.30pm. When we arrived we confirmed that we were in the correct place, Graham asked me to do this , and I was pleased that I said it correctly without a lot of help from Graham. We met a lady from the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and Graham introduced me to her. This gave me the opportunity to practice my English. We talked about the weather and the fact that in England you can have four seasons in one day. Then I ate my lunch and the train arrived. It was an old steam train like in Harry Potter. When we were on the train the waitress brought us desserts with English tea , this is a typical afternoon cream tea. I tried desserts that I had never tried before it was incredible especially the scones and strawberries. When we arrived home we had dinner . It was Macaroni cheese with tuna, I enjoyed it! Graham is a good cook and I love English food.

Day 9

Today was a hard and amazing day because I did lots of things with Graham. The first thing that I did in the morning is wake up and ate my delicious breakfast. When I finished, I got dressed and we took the car to go to Shrewsbury. When we were travelling in the car, Graham told me an important thing that was that he was born in this town, he also told me that maybe we would see the house that he was born later in the day. After we parked the car in a big park we took a bus to go to the centre of Shrewsbury. When we arrived, we walked to the cafe to drink something. On the walk Graham explained to me about typical things of this place forexample the big river that is called the river Severn, the people’s accents, the history about a big statue (we took photos) and the old market hall that is still being used. When we arrived at the cafe I drank a glass of water, and Graham had a coffee without milk. After we went to visit Charles Darwin’s house. Graham said to me that we were very lucky to be able to go inside because not everyone can but that he had got special permission for us to visit. When we were inside I saw Darwin’s big house, and his room that he was born in. And I learnt new things about Darwin, for example that he travelled to different countries to learn more things about the living beings, and his father was a doctor. I also saw the big garden that he had. When we finished we went to the art gallery and museum and I saw more amazing things. The museum had three floors. The first one was about the history of the prehistoric and the roman times in Shropshire. The second one was about the prehistoric animals as well and the person that created the taxidermy with animals, in this case we could see some examples. And finally the last floor was about one of my favourite TV shows

The Walking Dead. We learnt that one of the illustrators of The Walking Dead comics was from Shrewsbury. Also I tried to draw a scary picture of a model of an amazing zombie statue. After we did a tourist walk in the park of Shrewsbury, one of them had a big statue about evolution. Graham took a photo of me next to it because I thought that would be a good idea to have as a memory. Then we went to another park to have some lunch.  The park had a lots of beautiful flowers with different coloursjust like a fairy tale, I couldn’t believe that it remained so beautiful with the weather there is here as its very rainy. When we finished eating our lunch we went to visit the castle that had lots of history because it dated back from 1070 AD. Also, behind the castle there was an amazing garden that we could take our time to relax in for 20 minutes. After we took a photo and we left to continue our visit. Then we went to visit Graham’s friends in a shop. I had a conversation with them, I heard the different accent that they have in Shrewsbury. Also, his friends told me that Graham is a wonderful person and I agreed. When we finished speaking with them, we went for ice creams and relaxed for a while. After we took the bus to go to the car park. Then we took the car to go to the football stadium. When we arrived we collected the football tickets. We went for a drink in a bar and I had a glass of water. When we were there I saw some peoplethat were from the other football team. Then, Graham explained to me that they were from the north of the country, a place called Yorkshire and for that reason they had a different accent. Then we went to have our dinner it was one of my favourite English foods (fish and chips). We ate the food at the same time that we walked to the football stadium. After we saw the football match, it was a difficult match for Shrewsbury because the other team won with 4 GOALS. I also saw Graham’s son Gregg at the stadium, he is the sports therapist there. We arrived home very late at 10.15 pm after a very enjoyable day.

Day 10

After a busy day with lessons and activities yesterday,  today was all about the consolidation of my English lessons to date. In the morning we studied contractions and pronouns and later we went to the bakers in Penkridge. Before going home we went to Stafford Town to purchase some items from the local DIY (Do It Yourself) store called B & Q. Graham asked me to ask for the items myself to give me confidence in conversation so I spoke to the staff. We returned home and had a sandwich lunch and rhubarb pie. In the afternoon we had our second English lesson where we studied homophones and  pronunciation through question and answer sessions. Later in the afternoon I relaxed as I was very tired from my trip to Shrewsbury yesterday . In the the evening we had dinner , Graham had cooked Mediterranean chicken and rice and for dessert we had cherry pie and yoghurt.

Day 11

Today I woke at 9.00am and had my breakfast. After I had my English lesson. We studied practical conversations with the emphasis on pronunciation. We started with a warm up routine of a question and answer session. Graham said that I had greatly improved over the course of my study. Later we went to badminton at the local leisure centre in Penkridge. Graham surprised me as he played very well. After we went into the village of Penkridge  and had lunch in a small cafe. Graham and Maddy asked me to choose from the menu and I chose two eggs and chips with bread and butter. Maddy had a chicken wrap and Graham had a chilli jacket potato with salad. After we finished eating Graham asked me to ask for the bill. When the bill arrived Maddy put money on the table and I had to decide which ones I needed to pay for the bill. I was correct! After we walked to the local bakers called Jaspers and a chose two cakes, there were so many, mine was delicious. When we came home I relaxed for a little and then had my second lesson. We studied synonyms where we did an exercise on looking for alternative words  with the same meaning then we studied the countries of the United Kingdom and  the capital cities and their different accents and areas. Then we practised verbs in the present continuous and further exercises on interrogatives. For our evening meal we had salmon in pastry, cabbage, corn on the cob and carrots and potatoes. For dessert we had ginger sponge pudding and custard. It was so delicious, I love English food.

Day 12

Today I woke up at 8.30am and had my breakfast. I had cereals and then crumpets with Nutella. I then had my English lesson, we studied prepositions and a review of the level test and then pronunciations and interrogatives. After we went pony trekking at Cannock Chase. There were so many beautiful horses. After we had our riding helmets fitted we were each given our horses. Mine was called Bengie and Graham’s was called Brodie, they were very big horses because we are tall. The forest that we rode in was amazing, we did a slow trek and trotting. I really enjoyed it. After we rode home and had some lunch, a delicious home made vegetable soup. Later we went to Trentham monkey forest. I loved seeing the monkeys walking free beside me in the forest. One mother had a fourteen week old baby, it was so cute. It was an amazing experience. In the evening we drove to Shrewsbury to visit Graham’s son Gregg as it was his birthday. We went to a restaurant and I ate squid for my starter and chicken fajitas after. I also tried some of Graham’s curry. It was delicious. After we went back to Greg’s house for coffee and doughnuts. It was a very exciting day.